HubFlow is an application that retrieves from the net posters and data about the movies and TV series. Your WDTV will display all the information (actors, directors, overview, release date...), the posters and backdrops.  This changes the experience of using the device, black squares are gone, and replaced with a truly attractive interface. Have fun!

Download Version 1.46.

                                               Macintosh                     Windows                          All OSes (Linux...)          


HubFlow makes your WDTV a better media player

Support the development, make a donation via Paypal®:                                                                                Contact: e-mail

Note to OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) Users: Thanks to a new feature (Gatekeeper), please use this procedure for the first launch:

- Open your preferences, go to "Security and privacy", then select the tab "General" and choose the last option:"Anywhere".

- Launch HubFlow, it should start.

  1. -When it's done, go back to your preferences and make sure you un-select the "anywhere" option. Select "Mac app store and identified developers" or "Mac app store ".

Once it’s done, you will never have to redo this procedure again.

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